We got married in Aries season. Fitting. Our love has been so into itself for a long long time. It’s been brash and brazen, loud, loyal, strong, and all the things I never thought I would find or that I deserved. When I met you, I never thought anyone had ever made me laugh the way you did. Still do. When I met you, you … Continue reading Twelve.

Justice Needs More Than an Acronym

Reading aja’s words likeswords slicing through honey how can i not be Influencedmovedignited and softened in the same breaththe question i meant to ask isdo i have the right nothing makes me special, wounded i bear only the lightest scar, it rests in the corneri wear my ignorance like an itching sweater,  wanting to return ithow can i listen dream rest killwith you not wanting … Continue reading Justice Needs More Than an Acronym