We got married in Aries season. Fitting. Our love has been so into itself for a long long time. It’s been brash and brazen, loud, loyal, strong, and all the things I never thought I would find or that I deserved. When I met you, I never thought anyone had ever made me laugh the way you did. Still do. When I met you, you … Continue reading Twelve.

hands which whisper/ this is my beloved my

As we near Samhain, I wanted to share something I wrote a while back. While I like watching scary movies and checking out really amazing Halloween decor (who knew San Diego was so into Halloween!), it’s not really a time of year for me where I am super festive. I find myself drawing inward, and really focusing on past relationships – especially with those who … Continue reading hands which whisper/ this is my beloved my


There’s no one else I’d rather be with at the end of the world than you. I think it’s fair to say – even though plenty of sci-fi writers were able to nail it, I don’t think we ever thought it would go down like this.  And for what it’s worth, I do believe in the power of us.  I believe – no matter how … Continue reading Ten


I am instantly thrown onto the rough, concrete seawall.  It is dark.  The waves are crashing over me.  I am soaked through, I can’t move, my clothes are heavy and wet.  The sea rages. I stop and breathe, and tell myself:  Wait.  Start at the beginning place.  Start at the tree.  Your tree.  Breathe.  Tree is there, I feel it.  I am still wet from … Continue reading Journey