Welcome to Pocketful of Venom.  I’ve been making attempts at writing here for a few years now  – the style is new but the face is the same, so you know, lay your money down and what-not.  This shit is still true:  I believe in wit and sardonic humor as catharsis.   Writing is a healthier expressive way to unleash whatever furies one may have, rather than actually going through life yelling at (or being passive-agressive with) others.  Love is love;  we only have our connection with each other, and my favorite moments usually have involved a $10 bottle of wine or a vat of guacamole shared with a kitchen full of friends.  I cook.  I do my best to be a loving and devoted wife.  I wore a beehive (and drank a lot) in my 20’s, got my heart broken (and drank a lot) in my 30’s, and played roller derby and quit drinking in my 40’s.  At 50, I will dance on tables and make magic wherever I go.  There will be laughing, crying, and everything in between.

You can find my poetry on Instagram @blackbirdwyrd – please check it out if you are so inclined.  Thanks for reading!