Nobody Can Rock a Blouse Like 1973 Robert Plant

I mean, look at him/it/this:

Sir, that’s a girlshirt. But you wear it well.

My husband, although The Song Remains the Same might as well play on an endless loop inside our home, thinks that I somehow am immune to the allure of 1973 Robert Plant due to two factors:  1) I do not pay attention to the television because it is very loud and explosion-y most of the time, and 2) Because it’s clearly not 1973 and we do not own a time machine.

He is wrong.

I am, in fact, in deep and abiding love with 1973 Robert Plant and his many blouses of fancy.  It is not his strategically ripped jeans that make me love him; it’s not necessarily the way he parades around the stage like a peacock (although that might be a little of it); it’s…just…goddamn,  THAT IS A WOMAN’S TOP YOU HAVE ON AND IT LOOKS UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am in full appreciation of Robert Plant’s incredible, soul-filled voice of passion and his impeccable timing – he is an improvisational wizard, a rock god, and possesses a stage presence that is second to none.  But it’s the shirt, my friends.  It comes down to that one small fashion choice he made before he went on stage at MSG.  It makes me stop whatever I’m doing, stare all wide-eyed and goofy at the television every single time, rapt in His Glory.   I can’t help it.  The wearing of the blouse was, at that time, What Is and What Should Never Be. But it WAS.  And it worked like a fucking charm.

I am fairly certain this particular article of clothing, with its dreamy ocean-blue fabric and white accents, has magical powers.  Come forth, ye who owns this GirlShirt of Glory, this Blouse of Beckoning…I do believe it is my Precious.  We wants it.  Gives it to us.

3 thoughts on “Nobody Can Rock a Blouse Like 1973 Robert Plant

  1. I just saw _The Song Remains The Same_ for the first time and couldn’t believe that blouse. I thought “Maybe it’s an English thing, or a 70’s thing” when I saw the gathered short sleeve hems. Then I thought, “Maybe it’s okay because his hair hides the puffed sleeves”. But it was the peplum – the peplum! – gosh, that is so, so girly. Of course, by this time, I was totally focused on his chest and tight little rear end.

    I googled it, and couldn’t find any articles about Robert Plant having to borrow a shirt from a girl fan right before this concert. Thanks for your post! At least I don’t have to wonder if there was an Unfortunate Incident with a beverage right before they went onstage. And as you said, if he had “many blouses of fancy”, this one shirt must have been unremarkable. And probably a million other girls weren’t noticing the shirt, at least consciously. “Blouse? What blouse?” But there is something about it . . . wow.

  2. You are so right! He looks AMAZING in this little girl’s shirt. What other man on the planet can wear a 12 year old girl’s blouse and not look like a freak? Only Bobby. Not only does he NOT lose an ounce of his masculinity, but he looks incredibly HOT!!! My dear Gawd what a masterpiece of a man. He is beyond perfect in every way. I will always love him.

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