Werdz: Not Rocket Science, NPR

The other day, I was driving home listening to NPR as I am wont to do on most days.  I listen to NPR because honestly, all the other news radio sucks even worse than theirs does.  I try to mostly listen to the BBC (usually always error-free because they are BRITISH) or the non-news programming, whatever.  I don’t need to explain away my shameless abuse of public radio to you.  I had a giant meltdown with NPR 3 years ago and our relationship has never been the same.  But I digress.

I am listening to NPR, and I SWEAR TO BABY JESUS, the reporter says this word:


At least I think that’s the word she’s trying to say, because she pronounces it like this:


Long i sounds on the last two syllables.


Look, I’m not an asshole.  That’s a word with which not everyone is familiar.  I’m not going to hold a normal person responsible for maybe never having seen that word before, and having trouble their first go-round with it.  But you are a reporter, ma’am.  Saying words can be possibly difficult at times but aren’t you supposed to practice that shit?

Let me just list the words that radio and TV people get wrong all the time:

ET CETERA:  It’s Latin, folks.  Quit fucking it up.  A dead language cannot rise up and defend itself.  There’s no ECK.

HEIGHT:   It is always this word.  There is no “th” on the end.  Ever.  EVER.

MOOT:  Moot and mute are two different words that do not mean the same thing.  Stop it.  It drives me absolutely batshit crazy.

ORIENTATE:  Not. A. Fucking. Word.

RESPITE:  Again with the long iiiiiiii’s.  Noooooooooooooo.

and last, but oh, not least, and the timeless classic:


Just, uh, insert mushroom cloud here.

7 thoughts on “Werdz: Not Rocket Science, NPR

  1. It wasn’t Diane Rhem, was it? She had spasmodic dysphonia and had to relearn how to talk. I usually cut her some slack because she’s still shaky on certain words and her voice cracks when she making a long E sound. But I love her show.

  2. Litigious is my “you said that shit wrong” pet peeve.

    Consortium is another.

    NU-QUE-LAR! My oldest son use to pronounce that word in the G.W. Bush way no matter how often I corrected him. Now, I just call him G.W. Bush when he fumbles and he corrects it on his own. I blame the Texan twang for this dumbassery.

  3. I have lately come to realize that I use the word ‘taunt’ when I mean ‘taut’. Consider it fixed. I was horrified as I pride myself on my love of big words. Tripped up by a little one . . . . . (thought I would throw in a few ellipses for you as an added bonus).

  4. This is a dumb one, but I hate when people say LI-BARRY. It’s LIB-RARY. Oh, and when they add ed to stuff like stole and turn it into “stoled”. WTF.

  5. Pacific for Specific – I don’t want to be “pacific”. I’m afraid of water and can’t swim.

    Mist for Midst – Did you know there are an unusual number of people wandering around in small clouds of condensation?

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