Justice Needs More Than an Acronym

Reading aja’s words like
swords slicing through honey
how can i not be
ignited and softened in the
same breath
the question i meant to ask is
do i have the right
nothing makes me special, wounded
i bear only the lightest scar, it rests in the corner
i wear my ignorance like an itching sweater,  wanting to return it
how can i listen dream rest
with you
not wanting to be a silent oppression
not understanding my empty hands
i am here and open
there is a conduit that runs like the Mississippi into the Gulf within my body
and words are the barges on which my heart is packed up
and shipped slow

oh to be a willow on the shore
but comfort won’t bring back dead Black and Brown bodies
or uncuff undeserving wrists

writing is just one way to claw at this brick wall that is long in need of tearing down

why the fuck was it ever built in the first place