On the Come Up

A 4:45am alarm, an hour-long drive, a hastily eaten $17 breakfast sandwich at PHL and a stuffed-to-the-gills gate is prelude to what will be a 6 hour flight.  I might as well be flying to the UK, it’s so far.  Sometimes it’s hard to fathom that we drove from one coast to another, literally, in 6 days.  Five?  I can’t remember now.  I’ve asked the gate agents if there are … Continue reading On the Come Up

Top Ten Life Lessons Learned from Candy Crush

10.  Try to always look 10 steps ahead.  Applicable for walking as well. 9.  Stripes are exciting, not fattening. 8.  Sprinkle cookies are even MORE exciting. 7.  Stripes + sprinkle cookie = total awesome meltdown. 6.  Stop looking at unnecessary shit. 5.  When you run out of life, cheat time. 4.  Bombs are only good when they explode in the right place. 3.  Chocolate should … Continue reading Top Ten Life Lessons Learned from Candy Crush