Misadventures in Unexpected Happiness, vol. 1

So as I was driving home this evening after finally figuring out how the Spotify and the Bluetooth and my car stereo and my Galaxy s4 can all work harmoniously together once more, I didn’t recognize one of my 3900 starred songs that started playing.   I said aloud to myself, is it Siouxsie?  The Cure?  Bauhaus?  It took me an eternal 45 seconds to remember who it was.

It was Cocteau Twins.

And now you either get to lock me in a very dark room and make me listen to nothing but 80 ‘s darkwave or take my clad-in-blacker card away.

It is a sad day. 
Happiness.  It’s ruining my cred.

Sadness reigns supreme. Like a burrito.

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