Saturday it’s a Saturday!!

Ten awesome things that happened today: 

1)  Drank a lot of coffee.  

2)  Got this at a garage sale and have already remembered how to play “Faithfully” and am working on “Royals” and will master the entire Tori Amos catalog by September.  MELODIES ONLY CHORDS ONE SWEET DAY 


3)  Baked a tasty-ass apple pie for a friend’s unbirthday (32 does NOT get a birthday.) 

4) Got an awesome text from my tattoo-artist-apprentice husband who apparently can’t wait to see me in action with this sweet keyboard. 


6)  Got these figs off my own fig tree 

Trees are miracles.
Trees are miracles.

7)  Got to see great friends all day long 

8)  Ate cake balls 

9)  Opened up a liter of cherry Dr. Pepper like a champ.  Not figurative.  Sorry about your pants, guy.    

10)  More keyboard.  THE END 

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