Saturday it’s a Saturday!!

Ten awesome things that happened today:  1)  Drank a lot of coffee.   2)  Got this at a garage sale and have already remembered how to play “Faithfully” and am working on “Royals” and will master the entire Tori Amos catalog by September.  MELODIES ONLY CHORDS ONE SWEET DAY  3)  Baked a tasty-ass apple pie for a friend’s unbirthday (32 does NOT get a birthday.)  … Continue reading Saturday it’s a Saturday!!

Top 10 Things I Hate (Today)

Yeah, I know, November.  Let’s all tell everyone what we’re grateful for this month!  I’m totally doing that, I promise.  But the world deserves balance, and I’m here to provide that shit.  YOU’RE WELCOME. 10.  Laundry.  Come on, man.  I have way better stuff to do.  This takes up what seems to be half my life.  I want Middle Ages.  Cleaning clothes once a year. … Continue reading Top 10 Things I Hate (Today)